About CAMO

Commonwealth Alternative Medicinal Options – “CAMO” – is a Pittsburgh-based medical cannabis company founded on education and scientific research.

Our team includes qualified medical industry and business professionals dedicated to the promotion, protection, and support of medical cannabis.

We have also retained experts in cultivation, dispensary, testing, and processing. These experts give CAMO an advantage in producing the most effective medicine while processing it into the highest medical quality products that are scientifically verified by the Pennsylvania state allowance.

CAMO is committed to reaching out to veterans especially, letting them know of the alternative therapeutics available to help them heal as they return to civilian life.

Our Mission

CAMO strives to maintain and advance the highest possible ideals and service standards in the production, distribution, and research of medical cannabis.
Our primary goals are the same as those of any reputable scientific endeavor: to bring forth findings that are accurate, duplicable, and useful to the community at large. But in order to do this, we have to pursue parallel goals such as removing the impediments to clinical research created by prohibition and educating physicians, patients, and the community as we continue to educate ourselves about the ever expanding medical possibilities for cannabis.

Why We Say “Cannabis” Instead of “Marijuana”

With several different names for cannabis, it’s important to know that they all don’t mean the same thing. We say “cannabis” because that’s the correct scientific term for the plant. “Marijuana” is a slang term that has been used to criminalize its use. Using the proper scientific term aligns with our mission to educate physicians, patients, and the community about the medical possibilities for cannabis.